Can Massage Therapy Help with Weight Loss?

One of the most popular myths of massage therapy is that massage will help you lose weight and remove cellulite.  As much as we would like to believe that, the truth is that massage doesn’t change the fat content of our bodies.  However, massage does have many therapeutic benefits for overweight individuals and those trying to shed a few pounds.  At Oregon Massage and Wellness Clinic, we are happy to work with clients who are in the process of weight loss and welcome all body types and shapes to the massage table.

One of the primary benefits massage can offer when thinking of weight loss is body awareness.  When receiving a massage a client often will comment on how they were not aware they had muscles spasms in particular areas or are surprised at muscles that are tender.  As we use our bodies on a daily basis we get busy and lose awareness of how our bodies feel.  Massage can help to bring this awareness back and allow us to fully connect to our bodies again.

Any one of us who have lived through a new diet and/or exercise routine can attest to the fact stress is a major factor as we make the lifestyle changes required to meet our fitness goals. For many who find food as a coping skill, or comfort in stressful times, massage can help break that cycle by decreasing stress and increasing the beneficial endorphins.

Abdominal massage can also assist your digestive system in achieving regularity. Not only does this help the body eliminate toxins effectively, it also helps to decrease abdominal bloating which makes us all fell better and helps us look slimmer.

Another component of weight loss is physical activity.  Adding new exercise routines to our daily activities is important for weight loss, but can be taxing on our bodies to begin with.  When we exercise we are creating additional toxins for our bodies to process.  Think Lactic Acid for one.  Most are familiar with how this toxin can make us feel sore after exercise or when we take on a physical chore our bodies are not accustomed to doing.  Adding massage into your wellness routine is beneficial as massage will assist the body in eliminating toxins, by increasing circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. For many people, decreasing the initial discomfort associated with exercise will help keep you on track as your body adjusts to your new routine.

Body image has become so critical in our world today.  If we’re overweight it is easy to judge ourselves in a negative way, which can literally feed the cycle of weight gain.  By taking the step to schedule an appointment, many overweight individuals are taking a step to acknowledge their weight in a new light and allow another person to see them without the camouflage of clothing.  It is important to understand Massage Therapists are looking beyond your perceived imperfections of your body to the soft tissues; muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc., that allow movement of the body.  You may be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly you will be comfortable working with your Massage Therapist as part of your team to help you achieve your wellness goals, call today to start the conversation.

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