Please click on the name of the forms below that you need to complete for your specific services.

New Client Intake Forms:
Please print out these two forms to complete and bring to your first session. Forms will be provided at the office if that is easier for you.

Massage Therapy Intake Form Page One

Massage Therapy Consent Form Page Two

On-Site Seated Massage Form:  

Please print out this form and bring to your on-site massage session.  This is a mini health form only used for chair massage at corporate events. Your on-site massage coordinator may also have copies of this form pre-printed for you. 

On-Site Seated Massage Intake form

 Physician Referral Form:

Your Physician, Chiropractor or Acupuncturist may choose to use this form, or one of their own, to refer you for therapeutic massage after an accident or if your insurance requires you have a referral for massage therapy.  If a referral is required you will need to bring the completed and signed form to your first massage appointment.