Healing Scar Tissue

One of the benefits of receiving massage is that it will help decrease the scar tissue that has formed in our bodies throughout the course of our lives.  At Oregon Massage and Wellness Clinic in Oregon City, Oregon, we know scar tissue and we know how to help remove it from your body and help you regain your full range of motion.  Scar tissue is the mark left on the body or in an organ from injury because the healthy tissue has been replaced with connective tissue in the injured area.  At Oregon Massage and Wellness Clinic we believe helping clients decrease scar tissue in their bodies is one of the top benefits our clients receive from massage.

The reason it is so important to remove scar tissue and look at the impact it has on our bodies is that scar tissue forms in the body as thickened tissue. This means that scar tissue is not formed in the same fibrous pattern healthy tissue is. Scar tissue is less flexible and has less movement than healthy tissue.  This can cause us to have less range of motion as we had prior to the injury.  This can also cause us to feel pain in the scarred area

Massage Therapists are trained to utilize specific techniques to help break down and remove scar tissue.  One technique used is Trigger Point Therapy, where the Massage Therapist locates the area of pain and works to break up and flatten the scar tissue.  Trigger Points may also cause a client to feel pain in another area of the body, which is called referring pain.  By working on decreasing the Trigger Points, the referring pain is also eliminated or decreased.  Working the Trigger Points also helps to release the pain the client is feeling and to allow the toxins trapped in the muscle spasms to be flushed from the body via the lymphatic system.

Massage further benefits clients who have scar tissue by using techniques to bring increased circulation to the injured area.  Increased circulation translates into less metabolic waste building up in the body and better nourished, healthier tissue.

Whether you are looking at old injuries that are still causing you pain in your life or a recent injury that you want to help heal with decreased scarring, massage may be able to assist you.  Call to schedule your appointment and see if we can help you live life with increased mobility, less scar tissue and help assist you in your healing process and move toward living pain free.

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